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Step 1: Register

In order to get your kids online, sign up for a free account by clicking the button below. You can add any kids under 'My Household' and give them permissions to the Club Blackhawks app there!

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Step 2: Download

Download the app on your phone and get your kids to register with the code given in step 1!

What is Club Blackhawks?

With Club Blackhawks, children ages 6-13 connect, share, and participate with the Chicago Blackhawks, fellow fans, and the Chicago community in a safe online environment.

What is Just Be Friends?

Just Be Friends is a community-based platform that provides positive, safe interactions between parents, guardians, children, and - of course - their favorite sports team!

Parents have the opportunity to create a detailed family profile and be matched up with other families. We help connect families and build community by promoting healthy, positive friendships and behaviours, online and off.


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Coming Soon!

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Getting Support

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